Sunday, June 10, 2012


In the frenzy of national security leaks designed to make President Obama appear to be a "tough guy".... here's Dr. Krauthammer on the subject: is crucial to remember one simple thing:
he'll have much more flexibility after the election...

[Political cartoons by Chuck Asay]


Supertradmum said...

Did we know the leaks were planned? Yuck, this administration is rotten and cannot be trusted.

RJ said...

Taking the old Soviet's citizen mentality for survival, one just might assume that those who say Obama-Mao is doing a fine job, especially as it relates to foreign affairs and protecting America, these people just might be lying through their teeth in order to remain below the radar of the state and it's henchmen.

In other words, always put forth the "party line" when asked a probing question, don't let you rear thoughts see the light of day or off to a "re-education camp" you and your family might go.

The card that will be hoisted into the air labeling you is well known: It's the "you're a racist!" card/label. After you are encircled with this smear, then you can he hauled off into never never land.

These leaks may have been done by the Israelis to get even with Obama, or done by the Russians to weaken a fellow Marxist, or perhaps a stupid White House loyalist, true believer might have coughed up a few secrets to polish the halo Obama Hussein always wears in public.

Just remember, it is not about is about him, our dear leader.

Just think if we had elected a different person, one who went to work building up our country as opposed to tearing it down.

Katie there is another worthless idiot who thinks she is both smart and wise...look what she did to Sarah Palin!

Ever stop to think how Gov. Palin would have been as a leader, a President? Put her attitude up against your Obama-Mao's for comparison.

Want a "lighter skinned" individual as your President? Try Marco Rubio...

How about a real dark skinned person with African roots who just also happens to be a real man...Allen West for example.

The liberal, democractic, progressive (neo-Marxist) group of so called leaders may be coming to the end of their rope.

I say let them all hang till they're dead...cold stone dead!

RJ said...

One more thought on our dear leader,Obama-Mao: I have not read his autobiography, nor do I intend to do so.

If, what I have read elsewhere and have heard in the public discourses on his personal history is accurate or very close to being so, it seems that his "natural" father got his ass in serious trouble back home in Kenya, where he later became a drunk and expired.

Question: Will Barak Hussein Obama follow in daddie's footsteps, albeit with his special eating arugula with a fine wine?

If my hunch that ObamaCare dies via the Supreme Court (if the decision is negative to Obama-Mao he will only go on the attack) along with other games these "progressives" have been playing, will his world begin to collapse around him?

If the election proves America's majority of voters want him out of office, will he take such a rejection easily and go into the night quietly?

Exit question: Is Van Jones our new Malcolm X?

OBloodyHell said...

Ummmm... O 47% to R 34% on terrorism?

That dog don't hunt. Something SERIOUSLY wrong on those numbers.

I'm not buying there is a majority of people so stupid as to believe that a Dem is EVER going to be stronger than a Republican on terrorism or anything to do with the military.

People are stupid, but that's not the way they are stupid...