Friday, June 15, 2012


...if you still believe that hope and change is anything more than bluster and blame.



n.n said...

I don't think parodying our president is either necessary or appropriate. If anything, it interferes with the automatic translation process which I adopted following his first utterance of "redistributive change".

"Hope and Change" is promise and (of) redistribution. His new economic model is the old economic model which is founded in a debt-based economy. At present, that virtual economy constitutes approximately 10% of GDP annually. There is no historical evidence that the economy can grow at a replacement rate. This is not sustainable and a correction is inevitable.

In the meantime, we dream of rainbows, leprechauns, a pot of gold, and fulfillment of dreams of instant gratification without consequence. It's a good dream, which most people attribute to the innocence of childhood.

Supertradmum said...

The great heritage of American journalism, which includes blogs, includes satire, parody and ridicule. This is tame compared with stuff in the papers at the time of Andrew Jackson.

Good one....

RJ said...

How does a "dictator" come to power? Well folks, guess what?

Right before your very eyes is one person rising to his "dream" which means this little boy is our first "dictator president" in so many ways!

Nancy Pelosi laughs at those who question Obama-Mao's motives and moves. Harry Reid, that poor little lost puppy-faced passive aggresive, goes along to get along.

Speaker Boehner just cries and cries while smoking and lining up his next putt.

"You people" elected these clowns, these power hungry, needy little monsters.

"Et tu, Brutus?"

Anonymous said...

Well-stated n.n.

I would also add that Mr. Obama's *old* economic model finds its basis on the sand of an old, misleading and dangerous philosophy.