Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Why is this not so shocking?
In 2008 prices at the gas pump surged under President Bush and there was a lot of media attention to that fact, even though it was significantly less than the current rise in prices at the pump. Recently, the Business and Media Institute decided to study how the media covered the situation back then as compared to now.

Per Bernard Goldberg on Fox News, the Business and Media Institute found several important differences between then and now:
Well, they found out two things, basically. One, they analyzed stories from four years ago when President Bush was president and from this month when President Obama is president regarding higher gas prices.

And they found that the three networks, the broadcast networks ran four times as many stories about gas prices rising when President Bush was president than now when President Obama was president. I'm shocked by that, by the way.

The second thing they found out is that the tone was different. Today, the stories are mostly unemotional. They're about how the gas prices affect the economy. But four years ago they were very personal about how people were having to make decisions between buying food and buying gasoline.

Of course, the biggest difference is that Bush was a Republican President; and Obama is a Democrat.

I believe, though, that there is a more of a ideological vulnerability for amnesia in Democrats--so IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT!! THEY JUST NEED TREATMENT FOR THEIR TERRIBLY DISABLING CONDITION!
Suggestion: For Democrats, who have little insight into the disorder, voting them out of office so as not to stress the rigid minds of the poor dears further would be very therapeutic; not only for them, but also for the American public. OTOH for the Media: their condition appears to be terminal and lead to permanent dementia.


[Cartoons by Gary Varvel]

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