Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A daunting task:
A new McClatchy poll brings some bad news for Republicans in light of the House’s vote to adopt Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R., Wis.) budget proposal last week, which includes politically risky reforms to Medicare. According to the poll of registered voters, 80 percent oppose cutting Medicare and Medicaid to reduce the deficit, including 68 percent of self-identified conservatives and 70 percent of Tea Party supporters.

Granted, respondents aren’t asked to decide whether they would rather “save Medicare by reforming it for future retirees” (per the Ryan plan) or “pretend like everything’s fine even though Medicare is going bankrupt in nine years” (the ‘reelect Obama in 2012′ plan). But these results, which are consistent with those of similar polls, further underscore the momentous educational challenge facing Republicans as they attempt to sell Ryan’s plan to skeptical voters and stem the onslaught of Democratic demagoguery....

Or, as Hot Air notes: New Dem ad: In Paul Ryan’s America, your grandpa will strip to pay for health care"

Meanwhile, a poll suggests that Americans believe the best way to decrease the deficitis to tax the rich.


Do Americans really have the capacity anymore to do the hard thing? Or, have we like NATO become impotent to actually deal with the real world anymore? Are we simply suckers for a smooth-talking con artist and his gang of pickpockets? Are we still able to distinguish between substance and demagoguery; between reality and illusion?

Time (and the next election) will tell...stay tuned.

[Political cartoons by Eric Allie]

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